Welcome to Monte Christo Country Lodge

Welcome to Monte Christo Country Lodge

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Monte Christo Country Lodge and Function Venue is situated close to the N1, within 10-15 minutes drive from the Bloemfontein CBD and other major tourist attractions and business centres.

At Monte Christo Country Lodge we are dedicated to provide superior customer service.  Contact Monte Christo Country Lodge for: 

Accommodation in Bloemfontein

Our elegantly decorated rooms create the ideal ambience for ultimate relaxation.  Each of our rooms is equipped with a microwave, fridge, TV and a full bathroom.  Learn more...

Conference Facilities in Bloemfontein

If you are looking for a Conference Venue in Bloemfontein then Monte Christo Country Lodge is the perfect venue for you.  From the moment you arrive right through to the end of your conference Monte Christo Country Lodge will cater for your every need. We are dedicated to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your delegates to get the most out of your conference.  Learn more...

Function and Wedding Venue

Monte Christo is perfect for small intimate functions such as birthday parties, engagement parties, christenings, special occasions as well as larger corporate functions such as product knowledge sessions, celebrations, events, year end functions and christmas parties. Your function at this idyllic country setting will be remembered forever. Learn more...

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to find out more about Monte Christo Country Lodge and what we have on offer.













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